COPE Galway supported 2,885 people in 2021  

Monday 21 November will see COPE Galway launch their Annual Report for 2021.

The report will reveal that the local charity supported 2,885 people in Galway city and county across its Homelessness, Domestic Abuse and Senior Support services in 2021.

Welcome | COPE Galway Annual Report 2021

Speaking in advance of the launch, COPE Galway’s CEO, Michael Smyth remarked, “This represents a 10% increase on the numbers of men, women and families our organisation served the previous year, a figure that is unfortunately only going to increase as we face into the challenging social and economic landscape that lies ahead.”

COPE Galway is pleased to welcome guest speaker and human rights expert, Mr. Michael O’Flaherty, Director of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Mr O’Flaherty will respond live from Vienna to a Q&A session with service leads during the launch, which takes place online from 10 to 11am. The focus will be on how the issues our service users face affect fundamental human rights, particularly the right to a home of your own, and how we can challenge inequalities in society that lead to isolation for older people and that force women and children to leave their abusive homes.

Registered attendees will hear from COPE Galway staff whose teams, despite facing wave after wave of challenges that threatened the delivery of service, managed to stay open and in operation throughout 2021. Mr Smyth continued, “It is thanks to the commitment and resilience of our staff and volunteers and the strength and determination of our clients that we were in a position to support so many in 2021. Throughout the year, our staff continuously found new ways and innovative approaches to progress our clients through our services towards a better quality of life.”

The 2021 COPE Galway Annual Report contains stories like John’s story from people in the community whose strength and determination shines through as they worked together with COPE Galway’s key workers to navigate their personal challenges. Thanks to the generosity of volunteers and supporters, who give their time, effort and donations, COPE Galway has been able to develop various initiatives and projects to directly support people in Galway who are at a vulnerable juncture on their life’s journey.

Welcome | COPE Galway Annual Report 2021

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